Ellie was born in the town of Wallasey, which is situated in England west of Liverpool.

“On the other end of the ferry cross the Mersey.”

Diagnosed with weak ankles at the age of two years, she was sent to ballet school in order to strengthen them. The school took part in local theatrical productions and at the age of three Ellie made her stage debut as a sapphire in a British Pantomime titled : ‘Dick Whittington’.


Ellie studied dance and drama, taking part in many productions and winning many awards and prizes from competitions, examinations and festivals.

Over the next few years she continued to appear on stage in and around the Merseyside area. She also made her first TV appearances and sound recordings at the age of 17 – during which year she also opened her own folk club, “The Front Parlour”.


Ellie’s next step was to move into the nightclub and cabaret scene. Here, at the age of 20, she met her future husband Geoff King. Together they wrote and recorded songs (he music, she lyrics), also collaborating on several revue-style shows. They eventually formed a band which evolved into ‘Silhouette’ with whom they toured Britain and Europe for the next few years.


Following the break-up of the band, Geoff & Ellie toured their own double act, finally settling on the island of Jersey where they worked in various venues both separately and together, Ellie opening for some of the top British stars of the day.

There they were married and there their first son, James, was born in 1976.

After a few years, they moved back to Britain where their second son, Simon, was born in the city of Sheffield, Yorkshire in 1977.

Solo Career

Ellie now recommenced her solo career, touring many clubs in the north of England, performing in summer stock in the south of England and winning the title of “1st Country Music Champion of Britain” in 1979.

She also worked variously as a commere, soubrette, magician’s assistant, band singer, solo act and member of a touring road show and began her return to acting by working for the BBC, Granada, ABC TV among others. During this time she recorded several singles and albums alone and with other artists, including a hit single.

She and Geoff were becoming increasingly disenchanted with England as a place to raise their sons, and looked to Canada as a land where there would be more opportunity and a better life for their young family.

In 1982 they immigrated to British Columbia where they have lived ever since. None of them has ever been back to England – not even for a quick visit. Ellie’s parents joined them in 1989.

Geoff King,

her husband, collaborated on many of her productions as sound designer, musical director and support system. He also was a theatrical technical director. Sadly Geoff passed in October of 2022. He is missed by all that knew him.

James King,

the eldest son has grown up to become a computer geek.

Simon King,

has chosen a career in the entertainment industry and has become a successful stand-up comedian.

Father & Sister

Ellie's only sister is currently part of the frenetic King household and does frequently take an active role in productions. Their father lived just six blocks away for many years. He passed away in December 2019 after a short illness.

School years

Upon landing in Canada, Ellie devoted herself full time to raising their boys, becoming very involved in their schooling and also teaching drama for their schools and inaugurating the drama programmes/drama birthday parties at Surrey Arts Centre where she continues to teach from time to time.

Back to Work

As the boys grew older, she began to re-enter the field of entertainment and now has returned full time to her career.

During Ellie’s time in Canada, she has taught drama: run her own theatre company: judged talent: written, directed, produced, choreographed and acted in many stage productions including ‘legit’ theatre, variety, fringe and revue as well as appearing on TV and in film.

The Founder

From 2001 – 2005 she worked as the Founding Artistic Director for the Raymond Burr Performing Arts Centre and is now the Founding Artistic Director of the Royal Canadian Theatre Company.

An animal lover, at present she has one dog, two cats, one parrot, two love-birds, one budgerigar, a tank of tropical fish, a tree frog and a pond of goldfish. Almost all of the animals are rescued.